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You probably already know that Britain is home to the globe's most desirable weather but – as if that's not enough – the British comedy circuit also happens to be the best in the world, with hundreds of club nights every week. It’s home to the Edinburgh Fringe, the biggest festival of comedy on the planet, and is widely regarded among comedians as the most creative place to work. The circuit is made up of acts from Ireland, Canada, USA and South Africa amongst others. But there is no need to visit the UK to check out these amazing acts as we are bringing them over to you! You will get to experience their amazing performances without forfeiting any of your time in the Caribbean sunshine.


Stand-up Ava Vidal, who has been working on the UK circuit for 12 years and has a string of TV credits to her name, will now be bringing some of the best comedians she’s worked with to the Caribbean in an exciting new project. British born to Caribbean parents, Ava has Bajan parentage so she is very familiar with the culture, and will only invite the best headline acts from around the world.


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